Seminar Topic 2021S: Advanced Topics in Parallel Computing

Seminar Style

The presence of each participant in all seminar presentations is obligatory.

Successful participation consist in

  1. choosing, reading and understanding 1-2 papers from a list,
  2. presenting the papers to the other participants (slides, 15 minutes),
  3. and writing a summary of the papers (3-4 pages).
The number of meetings depends on the number of participants. There will be usually two talks per meeting.

ECTS points: 3.0
Seminar ECTS points will be assigned where the topic presented fits the best:

Key Dates


Register on TISS until April 13, 2021! (Procedure will be explained during first meeting.) We have a six student participation limit!


paper/topic advised by:
SH - Sascha Hunold
JLT - Jesper Larsson Träff


If you have further questions about the seminar, please contact Associate Prof. Dr. Sascha Hunold.