High Performance Computing (184.725) - Wintersemester 2020/21



It was intended, as far as possible, to hold this lecture with actual, physical presence, so as better to be able to accomodate different background. However, the present regulations by the university does not make this possible. Therefore, the HPC lecture this semester will be in distance-learning mode. The lecture slides will be made available in spoken form via TUWEL. The lectures will be recorded on Mondays in the assigned slot, 15-17, and be available shortly after. Slides and other material will be made available for download here and/or in TUWEL. There will be a discussion forum in TUWEL, and possibly a few online-conferences (TBA). As far as possible, the course will end with an oral exam, also TBA.

Lecture with practical project part (VU).


An overview of "High Performance Computing". Advanced MPI, efficient algorithms for MPI collectives on networks. Communication networks and routing. Performance and energy models, libraries, benchmarks, tools, and parallel file systems

Lectures, material

  1. Monday, 05.10.2020: Preliminaries and Introduction (Träff)
  2. Monday, 12.10.2020: HPC Overview, Motivation (Träff)
  3. Monday, 19.10.2020: HPC Overview, Architectures, Roofline (Träff)
  4. Tuesday, 27.10.2020: HPC Overview, Systems (Träff)
  5. Tuesday, 03.11.2020:Advanced MPI 1/9 recap, matrix-vector multiplication, Cartesian topologies (Träff)
  6. Tuesday, 10.11.2020: Advanced MPI 2/9 process mapping (Träff)
  7. Monday, 16.11.2020: Advanced MPI 3/9 (Träff)
  8. Monday, 23.11.2020: Advanced MPI 4/9 (Träff)
  9. Monday, 30.11.2020: Advanced MPI 5/9 (Träff)
  10. Thursday, 3.12.2020: LIVE talk: Decomposing MPI Collectives for Exploiting Multi-lane Communication via Zoom. The slides are here.
  11. Monday, 07.12.2020: Advanced MPI 6/9 (Träff)
  12. Monday, 14.12.2020: Advanced MPI 7/9 (Träff)
  13. Monday, 21.12.2020: Lecture free (Christmas)
  14. Monday, 28.12.2020: Lecture free (Christmas)
  15. Monday, 04.01.2020: Lecture free (Happy 2021)
  16. Monday, 11.01.2020: Advanced MPI 8/9 (Träff)
  17. Monday, 18.01.2020: TBA
  18. Monday, 25.1.2020 or 8.02.2020: Exam


Project assignments will be announced during the semester and will be made available on TUWEL.

Additional references and literature