High Performance Computing (184.725) - Wintersemester 2020/21



It is intended, as far as possible, to hold this lecture with actual, physical presence, so as better to be able to accomodate different background. The lecture slides will be made available in spoken form via TUWEL. Please attend as far as possible and allowed by the present regulations.

Lecture with practical project part (VU).


An overview of "High Performance Computing". Advanced MPI, efficient algorithms for MPI collectives on networks. Communication networks and routing. Performance and energy models, libraries, benchmarks, tools, and parallel file systems

Lectures, material

  1. Monday, 05.10.2020: Preliminaries and Introduction (Träff)
  2. Monday, 12.10.2020: HPC Overview (Träff)
  3. Monday, 19.10.2020: Advanced MPI 1/7 (Träff)
  4. Monday, 26.10.2020: Advanced MPI 2/7 (Träff)
  5. Monday, 02.11.2020: Measuring Performance and Data Analysis
  6. Monday, 9.11.2020: MPI Benchmarking
  7. Monday, 16.11.2020: Advanced MPI 3/7 (Träff)
  8. Monday, 23.11.2020: Advanced MPI 4/7 (Träff)
  9. Monday, 30.11.2020: Advanced MPI 5/7 (Träff)
  10. Monday, 07.12.2020: Advanced MPI 6/7 (Träff)
  11. Monday, 14.12.2020: An MPI application: Matrix-Matrix multiplication (Träff)
  12. Monday, 21.12.2020: Lecture free (Christmas)
  13. Monday, 28.12.2020: Lecture free (Christmas)
  14. Monday, 04.01.2020: Lecture free (Happy 2021)
  15. Monday, 11.01.2020: Libraries and Benchmarks in HPC
  16. Monday, 18.01.2020: TBA
  17. Monday, 25.01.2020: Prüfungen


Project assignments will be announced during the semester and will be made available on TUWEL.

Additional references and literature