Open positions

PhD positition in Algorithms Engineering for Process Mapping (in/for MPI)

A new project position is now open and will remain so until filled. First application deadline November 21, 2018. See announcement for detail.

University Assistant/Teaching Assistant with PhD opportunity (open until filled)

We are looking to fill a 25 hour/week University Assistant position for research and teaching in parallel computing. The position will remain open until filled, feel free to contact us.

A position with deadline December, 2018 is currently open.

PostDoc (open until filled)

In the REPEAL project we are looking for a 1-year PostDoc to work on aspect of Fault-tolerance in MPI or other interfaces. Please contact Jesper Larsson Träff.

How to apply (advice to applicants)

  1. Read the text of the position announcement carefully
  2. Make sure this is a position you are really interested in, and think you are qualified for, and only apply if this is the case. Template applications will in most cases be summarily turned down, do not expect a reply
  3. Think about a fitting research direction and/or problem that you would like to work in and/or solve, and describe this clearly in at most one page
  4. Highlight interests, background, and skills in key areas like algorithms and data structures, theoretical computer science, parallel processing, programming languages/interfaces; briefly, no more than one page
  5. Send the application to the address and/or persons indicated, with an appropriate, short cover letter
  6. Give one or two references that can be contacted for supplementary information
  7. Include proof of relevant degrees and/or qualifications